Purpose: To provide a short program emphasizing safety, enjoyment, and skill acquisition for entry level shelter making.

Prerequisites: None
Course Duration: Minimum of 2 hours. Optimal time is 3+ hours.
Venue: Forest Park

Course Content
The following is a summary of course content for the Adventure survival skills. The content and sequence of instruction will be arranged to fit students’ needs, program location, and time allowances.

Introduction and Logistics (10 minutes)
Introduction of instructors and participants
Course overview with expectations, limitations, and time frame
Site specifics: sequence, regrouping, toilet facilities, and alternate possibilities

Personal Preparation (5 minutes)
Personal behavior:
Personal space, property
Etiquette (Leave No Trace)
Safety - Cold (clothing check)

Team Building (30 minutes)
Short, fun activities/games that set the foundation for the subsequent program;
‘My neighbor and I’. (similar to musical chairs, this game will focus on participants’ familiarity with the woods and prior camping experiences.)
Bear-bag challenge (small groups will attempt to successfully hang a bear-bag.)
These activities will introduce key concepts while building familiarity and trust within the group.

Getting Started (45 minutes)
Begin group hike
Identify factors for choosing shelter location:

  1. Protection from weather
  2. Protection from natural hazards
  3. Dry, well-drained area
  4. Open, southern exposure
  5. Entryway facing east
  6. Fire safety
  7. Abundance of materials
  8. Comfort

Shelter size
Introduce types of shelters:

  1. Natural shelters
  2. The Wickiup “place of shelter”
  3. The Lean-To
  4. The Debris Hut
Break into shelter building teams

Group Challenge (15 minutes)
Reinforce skills
Teams will choose an appropriate location for their shelter, which will be approved by the instructor
Teams will decide upon shelter type
Bathroom/water break/snack

Shelter Construction (1 hour)
Teams will build their very own survival shelter
Working together in small groups
Constant instructor supervision and assistance

Conclusion (15 minutes)
Return to Base
Collect equipment
Course review