Purpose: To provide a short program emphasizing safety, enjoyment, and skill acquisition for entry level orienteering.

Prerequisites: None
Course Duration: Minimum of 1 hour. Optimal time is 3+ hours.
Venue: Forest Park

Course Content
The following is a summary of course content for the Adventure Scavenger Hunt. The content and sequence of instruction will be arranged to fit students’ needs, program location, and time allowances.

Introduction and Logistics (10 minutes)
Introduction of instructors and participants
Course overview with expectations, limitations, and time frame
Site specifics: sequence, regrouping, toilet facilities, and alternate possibilities

Personal Preparation (5 minutes)
Personal behavior:
Personal space, property
Etiquette (Leave No Trace)
Safety - Cold (clothing check)

Team Building (20 minutes)
Short, fun activities/games
“Captain on deck” (this game is played inside a circle which is meant to emulate a giant compass.)
These activities will introduce key concepts while building familiarity and trust within the group

Getting Started (35 minutes)
Introduce compass
Parts: needle (red in the shed) N-S-E-W
Find North
Orient the compass
Point and shoot
Discover each individual “pace” (how many of your paces equals 100 m.?)
Break into scavenger teams

Group Challenge (20 minutes)
Active fun challenge
“Finders Keepers”
Participants will be given a bearing and pace number to test their skills. Correct navigation will bring them to a prize.
Bathroom/water break

Scavenger Hunt (1 hour, 15 minutes)
Teams will use their compass and pacing skills
Locate clues
Decipher riddles
Working together in small groups
Constant instructor supervision and assistance

Conclusion (15 minutes)
Collect equipment
Course review