Purpose: To provide a short program emphasizing safety, enjoyment, and skill acquisition for entry level flat-water kayaking.

Prerequisites: None
Course Duration: 3 hours.
Venue: Littleville Lake

Course Content
The following is a summary of course content for Flat-Water Kayaking. The content and sequence of instruction will be arranged to fit students’ needs, program location, and time allowances.

Introduction and Logistics (10 minutes)
Introduction of instructors and participants
Course overview with expectations, limitations, and time frame
Site specifics: sequence, regrouping, toilet facilities, and alternate possibilities

Personal Preparation (5 minutes)
Personal behavior:
Personal space, property
Etiquette (Leave No Trace)
Safety - Cold (clothing check), water, sunscreen, first aid.

Team Building (15 minutes)
Short, fun activities/games that set foundation for program concepts
“Captain on Deck”
Build familiarity and trust within the group

Getting Started (30 minutes)

Introduce equipment
  1. PFD (personal flotation device)
  2. Paddle (blade, grip, arm position)
  3. The boat (stern, bow, port, starboard, hull, stowage)
Dry paddle instruction
  1. Each participant will receive a paddle
  2. Instructor will lead the group through a series of paddling techniques on land
Individuals will then sit in their designated kayak

Group Challenge (20 minutes)
Active fun challenge on the water
Participants will follow the instructor’s lead through a skills test

  1. Forward sweep
  2. Back sweep
  3. Forward stroke
  4. Short obstacle course
  5. Rafting up (joining boats as a group)
Reinforce skills
Bathroom/water break

Adventure Kayak Tour (1 hour, 25 minutes)
Once instructors are confident in the group’s ability to proceed, the guided tour will begin
Frequent stops to discuss environmental concepts

  1. The water shed
  2. Pollution
  3. Water dynamics (currents, eddies, temperature, stratification…)
  4. Aquatic habitat
Constant instructor supervision and assistance

Conclusion (15 minutes)
Collect equipment
Course review