We provide a wide range of educational programs to suit the needs of your group. All of our programs infuse at the minimum a basic element of environmental awareness and are designed to foster an attitude of giving rather than taking from our natural resources.

Out of school time programs:

We offer after before and after school programs, as well as vacation and weekend experiences. Our highly trained and experienced staff utilize outdoor adventure education as a tool to inspire relevant learning and expression in the following areas: Creative writing, verbal communication, mathematics, music, natural sciences.

School Day trips:

Field trips are offered throughout the year and take place all over New England. We will work with your teachers and educators before the program to maximize the learning experience of your students and staff. For example, our recent science trip for an entire freshman class of 80 students came out to Camp Wilder for an adventure day of kayaking, hiking and ropes course. Within these adventures, students were simultaneously collecting and studying macro-invertebrates, testing oxygen, turbidity and clarity of water, taking and reading soil samples, and charting our findings with map and compass.

In addition to promoting stewardship, we have a vested interest in scholastic achievement. Several of our leaders have been or still are classroom teachers and now educate in Nature’s classroom. We have found a remarkable response of involvement and intuition in individuals who normally underachieve. Those students who typically do well are given the encouragement and freedom to excel. Within varying intelligences and learning styles, there exists a common appreciation for adventure education. Often times, people (especially children) will become stimulated during an outdoor activity and express themselves in an intellectual or academic way which they do not normally display. This tendency can be fostered and incorporated into the classroom or workplace. Our trained professionals have the ability to connect our programming with your curriculum and help make learning fun.