Next Level Adventures is a family run business dedicated to the improvement of our natural world. We believe the most effective way of accomplishing this task is by instilling in people a sense of respect for our environment, coupled with an increase in their own self-respect, self confidence, and knowledge.

The final end for which we strive is a person who feels better about themselves and has a deeper understanding of their connection and obligation to the planet. We have been fortunate enough to witness this goal reached in countless individuals, regardless of their age, sex, beliefs, nationality, or physical/mental abilities.

By using the medium of outdoor adventure education, we afford people the opportunity to organically and experientially discover new skills and a heightend awareness. When you see the expression of a grandparent, who for the first time, sits in a kayak while a Bald Eagle soars over head, or the look of amazement in a child releasing their first fish, you will have caught a glimpse of this awareness.

Our programs are custom designed to suit the specific needs of your group. Whether it is a corporate outing, adult team building, educational school group, youth trip, or purely a great adventure, we have the staff and expertise to give you a safe, enjoyable, and fulfilling experience.